Amicus Trade AB manufactures a range of
patented highly effective and efficient 'instant'
clip-on eyelets/fixing clips /tarp clips for securing all types of textiles, fabrics, substrates, polythene, tarps and other sheet products.

These clips perform equally well on hemmed or on
non hemmed fabric, i.e. as tarp clips, banner eyelets, backdrop grommets etc.

Holdon® clip-on eyelets offer users a simple, fast and effective means of creating fixing points without the need for tools or special skills. Holdon® is based on the unbeatable 'wedge' principle, hence 'the heavier the load the greater the grip'.

Holdon® offers users a realistic alternative to the traditional eyelet / grommet with the advantage of being reusable and in most cases, with much better performance.

The current range comprises Holdon® Mini, Midi
and Maxi.

Coming soon to Galaxy Outdoor Campers.



Above: The Holdon in Action.

The heavier the load - the greater the grip!


  How to apply a Holdon®

1. Open jaws of Holdon®
2. Place onto fabric
3. Push jaws firmly closed
4. Attach chord
5. Pull for steadfast grip