From Malaga in WA, we sell quality Trailer Tent Tops & Roof Top Tents for camping out in Australia's great Outdoors.

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Spare Parts available
  • This page describes what spare parts we have on offer.

  • 19mm Pole-Top Spigots. (plenty in stock).

  • 17mm+20mm Plastic Pole-End U-Clamps. (plenty in stock).

  • 'Roof-Topper 8' Travelling cover and skirt. (both parts - top with zip and velcro and bottom skirt that pop-rivets on to the baseboard). (2 in stock).

  • Extending type Poles for awnings, that can often be used elsewhere. (two dozen in stock).

  • Re-inforced and gusseted U-shaped poles for the 24sqm Tropical tent. (refer to the un-coloured poles on the '24sqm TT6AB6 Installation Guide For Poles COLOUR Drawing'). (sets to complete 3 tents in stock).
Spare Parts - availability


Please call us if you feel you have a need for us to get more spare parts products for our tents into stock, so that you are least inconvenienced when you begin your outback journey or start your holidays.

In general, we only will stock items that aren't going to lay around gathering dust over the years.
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Spare Parts - Tips and Tricks


Poles requiring the top spigot to be replaced.

If you've had strong wind damage or accidentally bent your pole, particularly the outmost centre pole of the sunroom annex where three poles join together, you can often break the spigot from the plastic, or the plastic fractures making it weaker, then you can replace the pole-top spigot by following these steps.

Firstly, undo the pole's locking screw and sharply tap the bottom end of the pole (plastic-stoppered end) on a concrete surface, until you pop out the old top spigot.

Next, get a 1/4" drill bit and by hand, make a sort of countersunk depression in the new plastic assembly, just below the top rim, by lining it up with where you feel the depression is in the top part of the pole. You'll find there's hardly any point in trying to get pliers to remove the depression already made in the pole, alternatively you could hacksaw a very small amount of pole off from just below the current depression and make a new one once you have the new spigot in place.

WARNING: Do NOT hammer the new spigot in by hammering on to the end of the metal, that will only drive the spigot through the plastic and destroy your good work.

What you need to do is drill a 6 or 7mm hole in a 200-300mm length of 25mm wide steel bar about 4-5mm thick and use that over the spigot and hammer so that it effectively is hammering the plastic not the spigot itself.

Always take care with your poles and ensure they stay as upright and vertical as possible.