From Malaga in WA, we sell quality Trailer Tent Tops & Roof Top Tents for camping out in Australia's great Outdoors.

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'Easy 18' Trailer Tent Top(two practical setup movies)

These two movies show the setting-up or folding-back of a 'Galaxy Outdoor Campers' TT6AB1 18sqm 'Easy-Open' Roof Top Tent. This tent has a fast-open frame that takes only 5-minutes to open or close, by just one person!

Note: This tent also comes with a sunroom/annex which obviously extends the setup time by about another 5 minutes approximately. Also, you will see on the top movie, that the travelling cover shown with the four straps has now been improved to a much better zip+velcro style which is now supplied by Galaxy.

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TT6AB1 18sqm Easy-Open Roof Top Tent.
TT6AB1 18sqm Easy-Close Roof Top Tent.

Galaxy Outdoor Campers 'Trailer Tent' Model # : TT6AB1

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